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Mercury in Capricorn 2022-2023 - The AstroMedium

On December 6th, Mercury fervently moves out of the sign of its detriment, Sagittarius and makes a strategic move into Capricorn, taking your expanded view and open mind and focuses it on planning ahead.

This is much needed as 2023 is looking to be another year of adjustment and repatterning so Mercury's ingress into the cardinal earth sign is met with open arms. This transit urges you to be proactive instead of reactive and you will benefit from a heavy dose of pragmatism and logic

Mercury usually spends 3 weeks, in a sign being the fastest moving planetary body, but not only does Capricorn pull Mercury back form to earth where things are heavy, time is also much more apparent and this is exacerbated by Mercury's 2-month transit through Capricorn.

This may feel like an eternity during but after Jupiter being in Pisces for most of 2023 and Neptune still reigning supreme there, we need a little dose of realism in our lives to get this next year started off differently.

This long "staycation" in Capricorn is due to Mercury's retrograde which begins on December 29th seeing the planet of information and communication remaining in Capricorn until February 11th.

Mercury in Capricorn natives are big talkers, great debaters and usually like to be right but where they excel in political matters and seeing things "as they are", they lack that sense of curiosity and wander, focusing on the perils of the situation at hand rather than possibilities that can arise from faith or following your intuition.

During the next couple of months, notice when you are beating yourself up for not doing enough and your inner voice may take on a drill sargeant tone which may drive you to be more productive but will leave you seeing life as cold and "hard", leading to pessimism, negative moods and negative thought patterns that will be hard to break.

Mercury will be transiting my 6th and 7th house in my natal chart as it moves through Capricorn. Which house is Mercury stirring up trouble in for you? Let me know!

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