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On April 19th, Mercury leaves behind the passionate battlefields of Aries and enters the practical, solid grounds of Taurus. Mercury follows follows Venus’ lead in joining the Taurus parade and joins forces with the Sun just a day before, setting off Taurus season with a bang! PERIOD!!

Mercury is not so thrilled about having to change costumes as he had a lot of fun while in Aries. Mercury likes to move fast and quick and playing the part of the fiery ram allowed his impulsive and forward moving side to come out loud and proud but now he has to play it cool, slow the fuck down and get real.

Mercury has seen worse times and he is still functioning in the fixed earth sign but all he can think about is getting to the next sign where he will reign supreme but for now, he must take the slower more steady path, making his ideas more solid but his opinions more rigid.

Those with Mercury in Taurus are usually great communicators in that they are able to offer real world solutions that are easy digest and prefer not to ramble on and on, reaching the point with confidence and standing solid in their side of the argument.

These natives have lots of patience but no time for non sense and keep the woo woo talk and the existential expressionism to yourself. They want it straight, they want proof and they want logic.

Although not the most “brilliant” minds or genus thinkers, where they lack in creativity they make up in consistency and a down to earth approach that most people can level with and understand. They have an eye for beauty, finances and business and their realistic sense of humor is sensual and insatiably charming.

Mercury will be transiting my 10th and 11th houses while in Taurus (Placidus House System). Which houses will he be transiting in your natal chart?

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