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On March 15th, Mercury ends his longer than normal journey through the innovative and rebellious sign of Aquarius and now prepares to astral project himself into the cosmic fantasyland of Pisces.

Mercury’s short stay in the psychic dream state that is Pisces will take our minds into a land of more possibility and pure imagination. Telepathic phenomenon will increase at this time and we will even be thinking more about spirituality and our own connection to our higher selves.

This general increase in psychic/intuitive experiences and abilities will have some people questioning reality and others finally seeing through the veil and understanding deeper levels of consciousness.

This is generally a more peaceful time with a tendency to avoid conflict which in turn leads to avoiding resolutions to any issues at hand. That in turn creates a tendency to create fictional realities to escape to as you may find yourself denying the actuality of your experiences.

Although our thoughts may be scattered and our heads in the clouds, there’s value in connection and if we create our own reality, isn’t all of this a dream anyway?!

Mercury is transiting my 8th and 9th houses during his short stay in Pisces. Which house(s) will Mercury in Pisces be transiting for you?

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