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On March 29th, Mercury in Pisces makes an exact conjunction (zero degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 25th and it will fade out of reception by April 2nd.

Mercury is fast moving and through us it rules analyzing, data collection, mental process and perception and, of course, communication. Mercury being in Pisces weakens his processing speed and his talent for analyzing while simultaneously boosting psychic abilities and seeing beyond the veil of the physical third dimension.

That is Mercury in Pisces just in and of itself. Now let’s factor in Mercury infusing his energy with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. That combination with yield an unmistakably Pisces energy no matter what sign these two are in but let’s now factor in that both of them are joining forces in the sign of Pisces which Neptune rules. Do you understand how disorienting this will be?

Neptune and Pisces are connected because these energies resonate are with the astral realms, dreamscapes, fantasy lands, unseen energies and connections to non-physical planes on existence. There’s a tendency toward abstract concepts and high level communication that doesn’t involve linear time and speaking out loud. Telepathy is boosted when Mercury enters Pisces but now it’s getting an extra boost of extra sensory perception as Neptune takes Mercury into his energy field.

Brain fog, confusion, misunderstandings and hypersensitivity may have you feeling out of sorts but if you meditate and connect to something within and above, you will make great spiritual advancements toward your connection to your guides and higher self while also enjoying a boost in creativity and channeling abilities.

I have Mercury Quincunx Neptune in my natal chart and I am currently experiencing transiting Neptune making a square to my natal Mercury in Gemini. Do you have any Mercury/Neptune aspects in your chart?

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