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On March 18th, Mars in Gemini makes an exact Sextile (60 degree angle) to Chiron in Aries. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 7th and it will fade out of reception by March 30th.

The god of war is feeling supportive and uplifting in this beautiful conversation with Chiron, our loving wounded healer. The half asteroid, half comet to which I am referring gets its name from the mythological half man, half horse, Chiron who was healer who could not heal his own wound.

Chiron has been receiving a lot of support from Saturn in Aquarius so far this year as they are forming a Sextile to each other, giving us an opportunity to heal through discipline, structure, hard work and time served. Saturn can punish but he also comes with rewards and now Mars has joined this multidimensional conversation to add more passion and energy to your process.

Mars is on his way to forming a very powerful trine to Saturn so activating the Sextile between Chiron and Saturn before he gets there, opens up more parts of you, even down to a cellular level that will rush forth to surface with such force that the strengthening and focusing energy of Mars Trine Saturn will give you the tenacity to see it through til the end.

Do you have Chiron/Mars aspects in your natal chart?

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