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On March 28th, at the same time as the full moon in Libra, Mars in Gemini makes an exact conjunction to the North Node (Retrograde) in Gemini, also known as Rahu. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 18th and it will fade out of reception by April 7th.

This will be an action packed day as Venus and the Sun form exact conjunctions to Chiron which occurs only once a year as well this culmination of cosmic events happens during the magical Venus StarPoint in Aries.

This energy is unusual but passionate as this creates a direct link between the primal impulses that we all possess and the electrical impulses that we, consciously or unconsciously, receive from the soul. Both are electrical currents driving you, one toward physical experience and the other through soul growth.

So when the god of war and the dragon’s head blend their energies, it will light fires that burn deep within us and the idea of fulfilling a higher purpose or feeling like you are on the right track become more energizing. There’s exhilaration with this transit but also a tendency to eat yourself because you’re starving for more.

There’s speed with Mars in Gemini but the energy scatters and joining forces with Rahu gives a lot of energy to our soul’s purpose here but it may also have us trying to use or minds and our egos to force our way into alignment which is not how it works, at all.

You will ultimately move through challenges and feel you have to fight for something at this time to reveal what your true desires are, bringing you into closer connection with the soul, thus receiving that higher wisdom and guidance more quickly and purely.

Do you have any Mars/Rahu aspects in your natal chart? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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