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On July 28th, Jupiter (Retrograde) will leave his traditional ruling sign of Pisces and get in his Delorean once again and goes BACK to the future leaving a trail of lightning behind him as he sets out to finish what he started with Saturn and change humanity forever.

Jupiter expands everything he touches and he is the most benevolent of all the planets bringing joy, abundance, wealth, and optimism. He rules Sagittarius and he stimulates our more worldly side and this energy is all about the big picture and learning more to expand our consciousness.

Jupiter in Aquarius is expansive in all the ways you aren’t expecting and he gets to live out his rebellious side while challenging tradition and serving humanity as a whole. With Saturn in Aquarius as well, these two are melding their energies together, infusing us with the desire to expand and a need to maintain structure and order as energies continue to spiral into chaos and things change unexpectedly and so rapidly.

Jupiter will go into Pisces again on December 28th but until then expect MASSIVE uprisings in rebellious social justice movements, unexpected changes to your outlook on life, major advances in science/technology that will help humanity as a whole to grow and expand.

Are you excited for the future?!

Jupiter will be RE-transiting my 7th house while he’s in Aquarius! Which house is he re-transiting for YOU?!

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