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On March 28th at precisely 2:49pm eastern standard time, the moon in Libra will make an exact opposition (180 degree angle) to the Sun in Aries.

This full moon in special and has ALOT of energy packed into a short amount of time so if you’re a highly sensitive person or if you are particularly sensitive to the phases of the moon like myself (Cancer Rising), you are going to feel magnetic pull of this rebalancing moon.

As with all full moons, there are opposing themes or directions which offer choices. While the gravitational pull of the moon can create heightened emotional states, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety, when the moon is in Libra and the Sun in Aries, we are met with a choice that becomes increasingly difficult to make.

This full moon in Libra happens simultaneously with a rare cosmic event known as “Venus StarPoint” when Venus, the ruler of Libra, forms an exact conjunction with the Sun and this illuminates the desires of the heart while bringing your values and relationships to take center stage.

This also means that the moon is directly opposite Venus as well which is a difficult aspect but this moon also has massive healing properties as Chiron also joins forces with Venus and the Sun in Aries, bringing old traumas and unresolved relationship issues to the surface to be healed through your slightly more open heart chakra.

Mars, Saturn and the North Node also lend support as Mars and Saturn support us to take action toward our goals in the long term and Mars joins forces with the North Node (Rahu) giving us the opportunity put more energy and passion behind fulfilling a higher purpose and through our individual healing process, we contribute to the healing of the collective and we are moved into deeper states of love and appreciation of self.

This full moon is transiting my third house in my natal chart! Which house is it transiting for you?

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