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Rumi said “The wound is where the light enters you” and as a deeply spiritual person, I know this to be true. This is the highest function of Chiron’s energy but as the light enters you through the doorway of your pain and trauma, there is a purification process that must take place within and this is where Chiron makes a wild u-turn and embarks on his annual journey backward. And since Chiron is currently in Aries, although we all have a natal Chiron energy that is unique to us, collectively we are working through physical and egoic wounding so this retrograde may feel very up close and personal.

Chiron spends more time in Aries than any other sign due to his elliptical orbit and it’s as if the intelligence of our solar system knew that this would be the most primal and necessary place for him to orbit through longest to cause the most visceral wounding and most rewarding healing.

For those of you that have your natal Chiron between 5 and 15 degrees of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you are going to experience a more intense Chiron retrograde this year and for those of you that have natal Chiron between 5 and 15 degrees of Aries, you’re in the middle of your Chiron return which (like Saturn Return and Uranus opposition) is a cosmic rite of passage.

Fear not, for we all must face these more triggering times and Chiron’s retrograde journey takes you deeper within to pull up more roots and to integrate more completely. This triggered me to think “Maybe the wound is where the light enters you but the wound is where the pain leaves you”.

With Chiron exactly conjunction my ascendant, I embody Chiron energy and this is an area I specialize in and feel so deeply about. I understand the immense pain and shame and insecurity that comes with this archetypal embodiment but that is also the greatest source of my intense empathy and compassion. Chiron was an astrologer, a teacher, a healer and a medium. Hmmm… who does that sound like?

Which sign and house placement is your Chiron in?

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