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AstroMedium: PLUTO RETROGRADE 💀🖤↩️

On April 27th, the great revealer + destroyer and the lord of the underworld begins his annual journey backward, breaking a 2 month streak when absolutely ZERO planets were retrograde which added to the forward moving momentum that the Aquarius stellium set into mothafucking motion on February 11th.

Pluto has the power to raise the dead and his dark touch will bring shadows to light and unconscious energies to the surface. As Pluto travels forward through the final degrees of Capricorn, he is feeling accomplished and successful as his work there is coming to a close. The shadow aspects of government, corporations, Hollywood, media, have surfaced in shocking and society transforming ways since Pluto entered Cap in 2008.

But every year around this time, Pluto makes a sharp u-turn and revisits some areas of our collective consciousness again and just when you thought you got all of the roots, Pluto goes retrograde and digs up more. But as with all Retrogrades, his upheaval comes from the inside out, causing dark nights of soul and ego death.

This will generally be a time where your inner experiences goes to deeper places and your external experience seems to move against you in ways, giving you no choice but to let go or get your hands cut off.

The full moon in Scorpio activated your subconscious experience in deeply primal yet soul integrated ways and opened the door for the scorpion ruler to take us even further inward, into the abyss and like a cocoon, the end of this retrograde feels like breaking free from a shell of pain and self limitation.

Pluto is currently transiting my 6th house. Which house in your natal chart is Pluto currently transiting?

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