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Ascension Symptoms: Dry Mouth + Intense Thirst

This ascension symptom is pretty common but when I tune in to the energy of this phenomenon, spirit makes me feel like it is not continuous like other symptoms. I, myself, can attest to this. It’s strange because it comes out of nowhere and for a few days it persists and then disappears.

Two days ago I started to notice a change in my saliva levels which are usually overflowing (I get it from my mama). She and I drool ourselves to sleep every night and thanks to my full moon insomnia (Cancer rising), I was awake enough to notice that my pillow was dry all night. That’s when I knew it was back.

With a series of solar storms hitting earth and the Schumann Resonance being so spiked up, I expected increased symptoms but couple that with the New moon in Virgo and we have ourselves a shit storm of intense and often extremely uncomfortable ascension symptoms.

There are many factors that are at play and one cause that is very likely for this excessive dryness of the mouth and intense thirst is caused by the body’s natural reaction of dialing down saliva production when the fight or flight response kicks in. These current energies are beyond anxiety inducing and I’m definitely feeling the chest sensations and butterflies in the stomach but I’ve experienced dry mouth and extreme thirst when I felt no anxiety at all so I know there are other causal reasons.

We also must consider the fact that the glandular functions fluctuate when the upper chakras, especially the throat, receive upgrades and downloads and not to mention the amount of water it must take to flush out toxins and stabilize the electrical currents in the body when kundalini is rising.

Have you experienced thirst and dry mouth caused by ascension? Let me know PLEASE! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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