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Antares Activation: StarGate Portal Opening 2022 (The AstroMedium)

Astrology, ascension and aliens OH MY!

From December 2nd through 4th, the Sun will align with the fixed star Antares which sits at about 10 degrees of Sagittarius this activating the Antares Stargate Portal.

Antares is known as the rival of Mars and has a highly Martian, Scorpio energy as the fixed star of mental alertness and strategy sits in the heart of the Scorpio constellation right at the point where Sagittarius is pointing his bow and arrow.

The later degrees of Scorpio and the beginning phase of Sagittarius season represent the end of the dark night of the soul where the light comes to get back everything the darkness stole. Or destroyed.

Antares in astrological terms has an archetypal warrior energy that represents necessary death and destruction for the purpose of renewal and new growth. This is quite literally the journey from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Antares is also said to be the resting place of the soul, it is the star that we ascend to once we exit the physical body and the beings there assist in our re-entry into non-physical.

When the Sun aligns with these fixed stars, it is activated by our own central star and made conscious for us.

During this time, to work with this energy is to face the reality that some things must die for us to reclaim our freedom and sovereignty & for lightworkers & starseeds, this activation brings upgrades and downloads giving you an open invitation to connect to your highest self and the beings that reside in this stargate.

Many starseeds are Andromedan according to many, Antares is the portal from our galaxy to the extremely high vibrational Andromeda galaxy and this activation gives you a direct line to Star families and the connection that is your divine right to have anyway.

Look at your chart and see if you have any planets, asteroids or points between 2 and 18 degrees of Sagittarius. If so, you have a prominent, if not, dominant Antares in your chart!

Let me know what you find! Are you ready to activate this energy? Let me know!

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