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what is chironic healing?

The story of Chiron, the wounded healer, dates back thousands of years but even outside the realm of mythology, this universal archetype transcends space and time itself. In astrology, the asteroid Chiron not only shows us your most primal wound but also reveals your unique gifts and healing abilities. Also referred to as "the rainbow bridge", Chiron is the gatekeeper between the physical and non-physical dimensions while representing the highest expression of shamanic energy.

As a living embodiment of Chiron, it is my mission to not only assist you in healing trauma + rewiring your brain but to help you find the key that unlocks your multi-dimensional divine blueprint while reconnecting you to your heart, body and mother earth herself.

The Chironic Healing Method is more than just a healing modality, it's an activation. Whether you're looking to address physical, emotional and psychological trauma, heal generational wounds down to a DNA level, accelerate your ascension and awakening process, boost your psychic abilities or step into your role as spiritual leader and healer, this experience combines astrological/human design analyses with breathwork, bodywork, sonic frequencies, shamanic journeying, energy healing and sacred plant spirit medicine allowing you to rewire the brain, open the heart, restore the body and remember your soul's mission and unique purpose.

are you ready to take your journey to the next level?

"the wound is where the light enters you."


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